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The legend of Ankor Wat

This is a post I intended to write for a long time now. I came know about the place Ankor wat from the book Judas Strain(Please find the review of the same here). The mystery that time has created is something all of us would awe  at. After the world was created What happened ? None of us know that. But subsequently there was evolution, cells began to form, then the amphibians up to mammals. The events that happened in our world is spread across the time. Sometimes there is a loss of information from one generation to another.

Angkor Wat from north

 Ankor wat was a Hindu temple that later in time became a Buddhist temple. The temple was built in 12th century by the King Suryavarman. The temple was built in Cambodia by a Indian (Tamil) King. The presiding deity is Lord Vishnu. This served as the capital of the Khmer Empire. The mystery history creates has a kick for itself. Trying to unravel or  rather understand the similarities of the architecture and how a Tamil king was able to build a temple in some place other than the Indian sub continent.

In this process of unraveling the mystery , I happen to learn more about Ankor wat. The name of the temple was not found but the archeologists guess that it could have been Varah Vishnu Lok. My indulgence in knowing more about this place is that the statue of deity Vishnu has eight arms, Ashta Bujam. There is a temple in Kanchipuram named Ashtabhujakaram. There is tight similarity between both the temples. This not only proves that there was trade between the other world and Indian kings but it also indicates about the cross cultural acceptance that existed even before the IT companies started training their prospective onsite traveling employees.

Angkor wat inside

The temple is representation of Mount Meru just like the Thanjavur Brihadeshwara Temple. Another intriguing fact about this temple. Someway once I finished reading this book Judas Strain I wondering about the place Ankor Wat.

This would probably be my first post in the legend series. Many more to come. Wish I visit all these places that inspire me to write.

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