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Kindled !! #1

Here is the story of how I landed up buying a Amazon Kindle Touch. As you know from the About page of Happy Ink Parchment blog, my dad is a voracious reader too. He had this habit of collecting books from the Chennai book fair. He has been going to the Chennai Book fair for the past 25 years. He would collect rare collection all well as the books he had already read, from the library when he was in his college. He is proud about these books considering these as his prized possession.

By the time I started reading books, his collection were not much. Some of the series were unfinished. I was wondering where did all these go ? That is when we realized that the books were either lent and never came back or they got old and worn out. Since we shifted many houses and in some places we were not able to get it all set in the shelf or cupboard, it was kept inside a good steel box but since it was not used for long the pages got worn out.

Imagine the pain my dad would have had seeing his prized possessions getting spoiled. Even if we had been in the same house for all these years, not all day you would take a book and read. We have a busy life and book reading would be a passion. So the next time I went to the book fair I was highly discouraged from buying any book. And unfortunately I did not have a good library near my locality. All the hopes were falling apart, I wanted to read new books, new genres and I was stuck with age old classics(No Offense but some times you need to get out of your shell. Its time to add the new contemporary one also to your collection).


And this is when (2012) the idea of getting a E book reader cropped up. And settling for a Ebook reader of a few thousand rupees was not that easy on me. I did research for around 2 months.

Checked with what are all the brands available ?

Reviews both online and from friends of friends

Which brand is better ?

Which has good compatibility, that is to charge or connect to internet in India ?

What screen size is optimum ?

How much should it weigh ?

How flimsy each one is ?

Warranty and Protection costs ?

Last but not the least Which one is worth its cost ?

kindle_iconAnd I finally landed up buying Kindle Touch 3G. From where I bought my Kindle could actually be a separate blog post but here is a SPOILER ALERT !!  It was from the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Now that it has been two years since I got a E Reader, I recommend it to you as well.

PS -I love the smell of turning the pages of a book,it is heavenly. But let us also join Eco- friendly reading.

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