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Book Review – Chanakya’s Chant

Chanakya's ChantBook Name – Chanakya’s Chant

Author – Ashwin Sanghi

ISBN – 9380658674

My Rating – 3.6/5

I was traveling left and right during the month of August 2014. To make my journeys more enjoyable, I started reading a book. Opened my GoodReads account and chose the long pending book from my To-Read Shelf. Chankaya’s Chant is a book written by Ashwin Sanghi. I have read his other books too. He takes the genre of History Mystery. This is one genre I am excited to read and Ashwin Sanghi did not disappoint me in either the genre or the story line of the book.

As the title of the book suggests, the protagonist is Chanakya the master mind. The book is inter woven between 340 BC and today. Both the stories run parallel in consecutive chapters co-related and co-incidental to both the story line. Political science is quite an interesting subject to read about. Chanakya of both the times have mastered it and executed it very well. From the logic of winning an election to how to create a demand and supply Chanakya of both times keep us thrilled.

It is a captivating style of narrating a story, that reminds me of the book The Guide by RK Narayan. Chanakya’s chant is definitely a wonderful book to read.

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