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Book Review – Remember Me ?

Remember Me ?Book Name – Remember Me ?

Author – Sophie Kinsella

ISBN – 0593053893

My Rating – 2.5/5

That was a wonderful weekend at my uncles place. I curled up on the sofa with coffee or some times green tea with a chick lit book Remember me ? in hand. Yeah I know it was a bliss. The author of this book is Shophie Kinsella and as I mentioned earlier this books belongs to the genre Chick lit. I have read a couple of books from the same author and I loved those.

The book is about an amnesia patient Lexi who is trying to get along with her current life. The prologue starts with a hopeless girl who was stood up by her boy friend , missed a bonus in the company since joined a week late and trips and falls on her pursuit of a taxi on that rainy night. When she woke up, she found herself in the hospital hit on her head. She tries to recollect the accident and during the regular doctor check up she comes to know that the last incident she remembers is 3 years ago that is a day before her dad’s funeral and the rainy night she was stood up ie 2004 but now it is 2007.

She also discovers that her present life is a dream come true. She finds herself to be successful director of a department of the company, where she joined at the lowest cadre, her husband is a handsome guy with a super duper real estate company on his own and posh loft style intelligent bungalow and last but not the least she is slimmer, shiny teeth and straightened chest nut hair(The last time she remembers herself is with snaggletooth, frizzy hair and slight on the obese side). With all excitement she enters into her dream life but reality is much harder than she thought would be. Under the rosy picture there was ugly truth about her life also She was not who she used to be.

Her old friends are foes now, she has stinking rich new friends who hardly know about her and has a very boring mechanical life. She rediscovers herself  and she gets to know her new self. A typical Sophie Kinsella book it is, you can be confident that if everything is falling apart for the protagonist of the book, it will turn the other way round at the end. It is a happy book and the confusion the protagonist Lexi under goes is unraveled well.

Over all the book is a light read, a good read for person who wants to relax their holiday or weekend like I did.

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