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Book Review – Prince of Ayodhya



Book Name – Prince of Ayodhya

Author – Ashok K Banker

ISBN – 1841491861

My Rating – 3.8/5

Here is my entry for The Eclectic Reader challenge 2015 for the category Retellings. This is Retelling of an Epic Ramayana from India Prince of Ayodhya written by Ashok K Banker. This is the first book of Ramayana Series.

Ramayana and Mahabharatha are the two main epics of India. Ramayana is about how  to live and Mahabharata is how not to live. Ramayana is about RamaChandra who attains glory by his virtues. Ramayana was originally written by Sage Valmiki but was retold by Many others.I have read the one written by C.Rajagopalachari in a very simple and lucid english.

Around 20 pages of the book describes about how the author has taken this epic and written a tightly coupled fiction. The original plot starts a little later in the book. The grandeur of the city of Ayodhya, visions that Ramachandra see, Vishwamitra’s Request and the threat that Dark lord Ravana (When i wrote Dark lord I wanted to say Voldemort ;-)) forms the main plot of the story.

Rama enters the Bhayanak-van with Sage Vishwamitra to banish the demons hailing. Tataka is the main demon who need to be slaughtered. The author has been quite imaginative while describing her. She was not a hideous creature, she is a gigantic women with ravishing good looks that is deceptive of her true self. This is where the author stands for his fictional view of Ramayana, a beautiful villain.

I have read the retelling of other mythology as well. Some how I was not quite satisfied compared to those because this is just another retelling, there is no scientific research or logical explanation behind any of the creatures or the magical powers that the protagonist possess’.  Also the authors ramblings in the starting of the book of how this is about an epic and how it is just his view was a little too much.

It was also a good read, my rating is 3.8/5  and I am looking forward to finish this Ramayana Series by Ashok.K.Banker.

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