Book Review – The Judas strain

Judas StrainBook Name – The Judas strain

Author – James Rollins

ISBN – 0060763892

My Rating – 2.75/5

Yet another plot on the dystopian society from the series of Sigma Force. This is the second novel I am reading from the author James Rollins, excited from the first book I read of his “The Black Order”(Kindly await a book review on that one too). James rollins has weaved this sigma series such that the members of the force are consistent and their inter relationships (professionally/romantically) are detailed to reality.

The book starts with a prologue about Marco Polo who did not talk about a particular place he visited during his travel to the south Asian side. He is said to have hidden a dark secret from the world. And the book starts from the plague that has affected an island near Indonesia. When you read about Marco Polo in this books, it scares us , the fact that millions of years have passed and our home (Mother Earth) still unfolds a lot of mystery from a new plague to missing aircraft or new islands. In the book, one of the scientist who is explaining the seriousness of the epidemic plague, says “We still don’t know what has killed all the dinosaurs” True, we do not know what was in the place we live 1000 years ago , what our ancestors must have gone through.

The plot unfolds the scientific trail as well the historic trail. There is also a hypothesis that Lord Vishnu who is depicted in the epic as blue colored, has probably consumed cynobacteria. The cynobacteria is ancestor of our plants , it lives on photosynthesis. The blue glow that Vishnu has may be of the glow that the cynobacteria emits once consumed. The book finally takes us through how the pandemic disease , The Judas strain gets the cure.

Also a fact that we might have read that we use only a meager percent of the brain, where the rest is left unused. Adding to this, the scientists’ also say that only 3 percent of the DNA defines you, the rest 97 percent is just genetic junk passed from ancestors.

Altogether the book was a good read, although not well researched on the fine details of the history part of the subject. Some of the chapters were dragging, especially the part where they escape from the Cruise and get into the Sky dart (flying boat). The demise (assumption) of Monk made it a little bit sad until the Epilogue reveals that Monk may be alive. A tactic to give the urge to the readers to read the sequel as well (Yup I will quite soon)

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