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I am a software engineer by profession, I live in The Silicon Valley of India. I shifted to this city from another metro city in India after my wedding. After a lot of encouragement from my husband, here is the little space of mine which is going to detail you about the books I read.

As the saying goes, A book is a dream that you hold in your hand. –Neil Gaiman and I am yet another book lover who loves to share the enjoyment of reading.Inspired by my dad’s liking for books, I started reading books/novels during my schooling. It all started off with Classics and later I got the hang of contemporary authors.

And now I am here to log my views about the books I liked, the ones I loved , the ones in any new genre, the ones that made me feel great and the otherwise ones too !! Happy reading folks !!

-The Happy Ink Parchment Blogger

Disclaimer – The owner of the Happy Ink Parchment blog is not compensated to provide opinion/review on the books and/or various other topics that I review. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owners. In case I have used your content without a reference or permission, kindly let me know. I will be happy to correct and comply to it. The images used in the blog are obtained from GoodReads website.


The legend of Ankor Wat

This is a post I intended to write for a long time now. I came know about the place Ankor wat from the book Judas Strain(Please find the review of the same here). The mystery that time has created is something all of us would awe  at. After the world was created What happened ? None of us know that. But subsequently there was evolution, cells began to form, then the amphibians up to mammals. The events that happened in our world is spread across the time. Sometimes there is a loss of information from one generation to another.

Angkor Wat from north

 Ankor wat was a Hindu temple that later in time became a Buddhist temple. The temple was built in 12th century by the King Suryavarman. The temple was built in Cambodia by a Indian (Tamil) King. The presiding deity is Lord Vishnu. This served as the capital of the Khmer Empire. The mystery history creates has a kick for itself. Trying to unravel or  rather understand the similarities of the architecture and how a Tamil king was able to build a temple in some place other than the Indian sub continent.

In this process of unraveling the mystery , I happen to learn more about Ankor wat. The name of the temple was not found but the archeologists guess that it could have been Varah Vishnu Lok. My indulgence in knowing more about this place is that the statue of deity Vishnu has eight arms, Ashta Bujam. There is a temple in Kanchipuram named Ashtabhujakaram. There is tight similarity between both the temples. This not only proves that there was trade between the other world and Indian kings but it also indicates about the cross cultural acceptance that existed even before the IT companies started training their prospective onsite traveling employees.

Angkor wat inside

The temple is representation of Mount Meru just like the Thanjavur Brihadeshwara Temple. Another intriguing fact about this temple. Someway once I finished reading this book Judas Strain I wondering about the place Ankor Wat.

This would probably be my first post in the legend series. Many more to come. Wish I visit all these places that inspire me to write.

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The Mirror – 55 Fiction

Scary mirrorShe entered the dim lit chamber, she saw the mirror and took a deep breathe. Her reflection deformed and turned hideous. She was under bewilderment and said to herself “Yes Aunt is right”. Doctor Aunt has just told about Troxler Effect, a common effect where brain starts to imagine when it becomes idle for some time.

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Burnt – 55 Fiction

The goblet Burntfell out of his hands, eyes started to water, throat started to burn  and tongue was numb. A strong current stung his brain. He wiped his tears and held is throat, mimicked like dragon spitting out fire. He felt good now, enjoyed the taste of hot and spicy Mulgatwany made by his mom.

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Slurp !! #1 – The Ultimate Vada Pav

I am a foodie of the highest order !! My mom says I was a very reluctant eater when I was a kid. God knows when I entered this sensual world rather when this sensual food world entered into me. I am pure bred vegetarian. Yes we vegetarians too have a lot of options to slurp about. Here goes one such slurping moment.

PavI live in India where there are variety of street foods. One such eclectic food is Chaat which is derived from Hindi cāṭ (tasting, a delicacy), from cāṭnā (to lick), from Prakrit caṭṭei  (to devour with relish, eat noisily). It has origins from almost all states and many food joints have their kiosk in the metropolitan I live in. I happen to visit one such kiosk to quench my craving for some light snack.

I visited a Vada pav joint, they had five to six varieties of vada pav which included schezwan vada pav, butter vada pav , special bombay vada pav and of course normal vada pav. I ordered Special Bombay Vada Pav. The making of that was a heavenly process. First the butter was smeared on the big hot pan, the butter sizzled once it touched the hot surface. The Pav (type of bun) was placed on the butter to absorb it. Once a golden brown appeared on the pav, a green coriander chutney was lavishly spread on the pav.

Vada PavHero of the dish is the Vada. Its a homogeneous mixture of alu, green  chilli , cumin seeds, coriander seeds and other spices. Small balls were made from the alu mixture and bathed in spiced liquid besan mixture. This vada is dropped into kadai full of oil. Vada dives in the oil deep down but some buoyant force pushes the vada back to the top and floats. Once the vada is fried to golden brown color, it is taken out and oil is drained out.

The vada is placed in the pav that was previously spread with green coriander chutney. A red color masala powder with various spices in right amount were added that gives a zing to the vada pav. Now the vada pav is closed and placed on a disposable plate. It is pushed to the counter and the vada pav wala called out special bombay vada pav in heavy accented hindi. vadapavchilli

I rushed to the counter to grab my plate of scrumptious-ness. The counter where the vada pav was placed had a plate of fried masala Green chillies. Just when I believed vada pav is all I needed, the masala green chilli pulled me towards it. I grabbed a couple of chillies and settled with my plate in a breezy corner.

A big bite of vada pav and small sharp bite of green chilli were playing wonders inside my mouth. Medley of flavors burst into my mouth were so exotic. The green chutney and red masala powder with the fried vada pav and a bite of masala chilli was a truly a lethal combination.

RatatouilleI understood what the rat Remy from the movie Ratatouille explained his brother about taste and flavors. It was a slurrpy yumilicious moment that I wanted to share with you all. Happy Eating Folks !!

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Book Review – Prince of Ayodhya



Book Name – Prince of Ayodhya

Author – Ashok K Banker

ISBN – 1841491861

My Rating – 3.8/5

Here is my entry for The Eclectic Reader challenge 2015 for the category Retellings. This is Retelling of an Epic Ramayana from India Prince of Ayodhya written by Ashok K Banker. This is the first book of Ramayana Series.

Ramayana and Mahabharatha are the two main epics of India. Ramayana is about how  to live and Mahabharata is how not to live. Ramayana is about RamaChandra who attains glory by his virtues. Ramayana was originally written by Sage Valmiki but was retold by Many others.I have read the one written by C.Rajagopalachari in a very simple and lucid english.

Around 20 pages of the book describes about how the author has taken this epic and written a tightly coupled fiction. The original plot starts a little later in the book. The grandeur of the city of Ayodhya, visions that Ramachandra see, Vishwamitra’s Request and the threat that Dark lord Ravana (When i wrote Dark lord I wanted to say Voldemort ;-)) forms the main plot of the story.

Rama enters the Bhayanak-van with Sage Vishwamitra to banish the demons hailing. Tataka is the main demon who need to be slaughtered. The author has been quite imaginative while describing her. She was not a hideous creature, she is a gigantic women with ravishing good looks that is deceptive of her true self. This is where the author stands for his fictional view of Ramayana, a beautiful villain.

I have read the retelling of other mythology as well. Some how I was not quite satisfied compared to those because this is just another retelling, there is no scientific research or logical explanation behind any of the creatures or the magical powers that the protagonist possess’.  Also the authors ramblings in the starting of the book of how this is about an epic and how it is just his view was a little too much.

It was also a good read, my rating is 3.8/5  and I am looking forward to finish this Ramayana Series by Ashok.K.Banker.

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Book Review – The Cuckoo’s Calling

thecuckooscallingBook Name – The Cuckoo’s Calling

Author – Robert Galbraith

ISBN – 0316206846

My Rating – 2.5/5

Here is my first entry for The Eclectic Reader challenge 2015 for the category PI Crime. This is Private investigation crime novel The Cuckoo’s Calling written by Robert Galbraith. There were  list of other options that came to my mind for this category, first of all was Sherlock Holmes the classic but somehow the pseudo named Author Robert Galbraith has a famous other name, which intrigued me into choosing this book. Yes JK Rowling it is. Hence I thought I ll give this book a try for the mentioned category PI Crime.

The book is about the death of a celebrity supermodel Lula Landry. The investigation is given to Cormoran Strike a private detective by Lula’s brother John Bristow. Mr Strike happens to get a new assistant for the given case, Robin. Cormoran, an Ex Army person and Robin, has a keen eye for logic and detail. They are the main characters involved in the book. Although there a few other characters in the book who add completeness to the murder mystery plot.

Mr Strike as an investigator meets all the witness of the case in person. He does not hide the fact that the case is being re investigated or who has paid him to investigate, from the witnesses. The approach was quite straight forward most of the time. Although I found some of the interrogation a little bit dragging, there were a lot of keen take away points that would be helpful in solving the case. For example, the make up artist Bryony Radford was a dyslexic person. This could be a negligible fact but at last it comes out as the main witness in the case.

Overall it was fast paced novel, mostly the second half keeps you thrilled.I enjoyed the final chapters of the book where Mr Strike reveals the murderer and intentions of the murderer. I have tried my level best not letting out any spoilers. But the revelation of the murderer came in as a shock to me too :P. Do give this book a try and find out the murderer yourself. Happy Reading !!

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Book Review – Chanakya’s Chant

Chanakya's ChantBook Name – Chanakya’s Chant

Author – Ashwin Sanghi

ISBN – 9380658674

My Rating – 3.6/5

I was traveling left and right during the month of August 2014. To make my journeys more enjoyable, I started reading a book. Opened my GoodReads account and chose the long pending book from my To-Read Shelf. Chankaya’s Chant is a book written by Ashwin Sanghi. I have read his other books too. He takes the genre of History Mystery. This is one genre I am excited to read and Ashwin Sanghi did not disappoint me in either the genre or the story line of the book.

As the title of the book suggests, the protagonist is Chanakya the master mind. The book is inter woven between 340 BC and today. Both the stories run parallel in consecutive chapters co-related and co-incidental to both the story line. Political science is quite an interesting subject to read about. Chanakya of both the times have mastered it and executed it very well. From the logic of winning an election to how to create a demand and supply Chanakya of both times keep us thrilled.

It is a captivating style of narrating a story, that reminds me of the book The Guide by RK Narayan. Chanakya’s chant is definitely a wonderful book to read.

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Kindled !! #1

Here is the story of how I landed up buying a Amazon Kindle Touch. As you know from the About page of Happy Ink Parchment blog, my dad is a voracious reader too. He had this habit of collecting books from the Chennai book fair. He has been going to the Chennai Book fair for the past 25 years. He would collect rare collection all well as the books he had already read, from the library when he was in his college. He is proud about these books considering these as his prized possession.

By the time I started reading books, his collection were not much. Some of the series were unfinished. I was wondering where did all these go ? That is when we realized that the books were either lent and never came back or they got old and worn out. Since we shifted many houses and in some places we were not able to get it all set in the shelf or cupboard, it was kept inside a good steel box but since it was not used for long the pages got worn out.

Imagine the pain my dad would have had seeing his prized possessions getting spoiled. Even if we had been in the same house for all these years, not all day you would take a book and read. We have a busy life and book reading would be a passion. So the next time I went to the book fair I was highly discouraged from buying any book. And unfortunately I did not have a good library near my locality. All the hopes were falling apart, I wanted to read new books, new genres and I was stuck with age old classics(No Offense but some times you need to get out of your shell. Its time to add the new contemporary one also to your collection).


And this is when (2012) the idea of getting a E book reader cropped up. And settling for a Ebook reader of a few thousand rupees was not that easy on me. I did research for around 2 months.

Checked with what are all the brands available ?

Reviews both online and from friends of friends

Which brand is better ?

Which has good compatibility, that is to charge or connect to internet in India ?

What screen size is optimum ?

How much should it weigh ?

How flimsy each one is ?

Warranty and Protection costs ?

Last but not the least Which one is worth its cost ?

kindle_iconAnd I finally landed up buying Kindle Touch 3G. From where I bought my Kindle could actually be a separate blog post but here is a SPOILER ALERT !!  It was from the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Now that it has been two years since I got a E Reader, I recommend it to you as well.

PS -I love the smell of turning the pages of a book,it is heavenly. But let us also join Eco- friendly reading.

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Book Review – Remember Me ?

Remember Me ?Book Name – Remember Me ?

Author – Sophie Kinsella

ISBN – 0593053893

My Rating – 2.5/5

That was a wonderful weekend at my uncles place. I curled up on the sofa with coffee or some times green tea with a chick lit book Remember me ? in hand. Yeah I know it was a bliss. The author of this book is Shophie Kinsella and as I mentioned earlier this books belongs to the genre Chick lit. I have read a couple of books from the same author and I loved those.

The book is about an amnesia patient Lexi who is trying to get along with her current life. The prologue starts with a hopeless girl who was stood up by her boy friend , missed a bonus in the company since joined a week late and trips and falls on her pursuit of a taxi on that rainy night. When she woke up, she found herself in the hospital hit on her head. She tries to recollect the accident and during the regular doctor check up she comes to know that the last incident she remembers is 3 years ago that is a day before her dad’s funeral and the rainy night she was stood up ie 2004 but now it is 2007.

She also discovers that her present life is a dream come true. She finds herself to be successful director of a department of the company, where she joined at the lowest cadre, her husband is a handsome guy with a super duper real estate company on his own and posh loft style intelligent bungalow and last but not the least she is slimmer, shiny teeth and straightened chest nut hair(The last time she remembers herself is with snaggletooth, frizzy hair and slight on the obese side). With all excitement she enters into her dream life but reality is much harder than she thought would be. Under the rosy picture there was ugly truth about her life also She was not who she used to be.

Her old friends are foes now, she has stinking rich new friends who hardly know about her and has a very boring mechanical life. She rediscovers herself  and she gets to know her new self. A typical Sophie Kinsella book it is, you can be confident that if everything is falling apart for the protagonist of the book, it will turn the other way round at the end. It is a happy book and the confusion the protagonist Lexi under goes is unraveled well.

Over all the book is a light read, a good read for person who wants to relax their holiday or weekend like I did.

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